Maintaining the Cooling System in Your Vehicle

As the spark plugs ignite the fuel in your vehicle’s engine, it creates a lot of heat under the hood of the car. Older cars cooled the engine with air, but modern technology has advanced to a liquid cooling system in most trucks and cars. This system includes components such as the radiator, the water pump, radiator hoses, and heater hoses. Regular service and repairs to this system prevents overheating and more expensive repairs to your vehicle. 

Inspecting Your Cooling System

It’s recommended that you have the components of your cooling system inspected by a professional. Here’s what should be tested:

  • The thermostat, to ensure proper opening and closing
  • Visual inspection of all the components
  • Radiator cap pressure test
  • A pressure test to find external leaks in the radiator, hoses, water pump, and heater core
  • An internal leak test
  • A test to ensure the engine fan is working correctly

Replacing Radiator and Heater Hoses 

The hoses carry the liquid from the engine to the radiator or heater core. This hot fluid causes corrosion, not on the outside of the hose where it would be visible, but on the inside. It is difficult to tell how deteriorated a hose is through a visual inspection. This is why it’s recommended that you replace the hoses of your cooling system every four years or 50,000 to 75,000 miles. If you see bulges or your hoses are cracked, you have waited too long.

What About Antifreeze?

Antifreeze is a coolant, and it does more than just prevent icing over; it actually helps to prevent corrosion within the hoses. Even antifreeze should be replaced. Regular antifreeze lasts about two years, while extended-life coolant can last as long as five years. Always make sure to use the recommended brand for your vehicle and don’t mix types of antifreeze.

We Inspect and Repair Cooling Systems

At Sun Auto Service, we offer cooling system service and repair for you to keep up with your busy schedule. Regular maintenance prevents overheating, which is inconvenient and could be harmful to your vehicle’s engine. When you’re in need of new hoses or an experienced technician, bring your car to one of our convenient locations or give us a call to set up an appointment. We have complete repair services in our service center, just like you’d find at the dealership, at competitive pricing.